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    Los Angeles Sleep Institute, Inc is an Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility (IDTF) serving the Los Angeles community for over 8 years. As a fully accredited sleep diagnostic testing center, we offer the full array of sleep studies to help physicians diagnose sleep disorders.

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    The Rooms here at Los Angeles Sleep Institute are designed to make you feel as comfortable as possible. The bedrooms are filled with warm tones and inviting patterns to have the look and feel of a homey bed and breakfast cottage. Call us now for more information! 213-674-2460.

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    Not getting enough sleep can lead to serious health issues. One of which, will leave you with little or no energy. This can cause you to fall asleep even while doing a regular task. Every minute of your sleep at night is important and precious. Talk to a specialist today to diagnose your sleep.

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Our board certified sleep specialists can test for a broad range of sleep disorders.

Common Questions

How can CPAP help me?
The blockage is caused by excess tissue such as the tongue or tonsils, a large uvula and nasal congestion. It’s also caused by a relaxation of muscles in the back of the throat — muscles that keep the airway open when you’re awake. When you fall asleep, those muscles in your throat relax along with most of the other muscles in your body. If your doctor has prescribed CPAP, it means that you have a moderate to severe case. CPAP is short for “continuous positive airway pressure.” With CPAP, you wear a mask that covers the nose. A small CPAP machine delivers continuous positive pressure. This pressure prevents the collapse of your airway when the muscles relax during sleep.
What will a sleep study tell me?
A standard in-lab sleep study (polysomnogram) records information that allows the sleep physician to evaluate the sleep stages and their sequence during the night. The in-lab sleep study records EEG activity, eye movements and muscle tone. The EEG data tells us how quickly an individual falls asleep and the presence of early onset Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep may suggest sleepiness and a possible disorder of alertness, says Emsellem. Airflow through the nose and mouth is recorded to figure out if there are abnormalities to help us determine if sleep apnea is present. The simultaneous recording of heart rate, oxygen saturation, airflow flow and respiratory effort allows us to analyze the types of breathing abnormalities present and their impact on oxygenation, cardiac function and sleep continuity. Limb movements are recorded to detect extraneous movements, possible seizure activity and periodic limb movements of sleep. The in-lab sleep study is recorded on video so that sleep talking and unusual behaviors may be documented. Home sleep apnea tests collect data that the physician requires to diagnose sleep apnea - usually your breathing and blood oxygen level.
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